Explore Santorini

The Island of Santorini

The otherworldly magnificent island that was shaped from one of the biggest volcanic eruptions mankind has experienced, turning the island then known as Strogili to the famous moon shaped Santorini!

The eruption led to the formation of the famous caldera, an impressive cliffside that offers a fantastic view of the Aegean sea and the original volcano of Nea Kameni.

The island is also known worldwide for its magical sunset, the multi-colored beaches, mouthwatering exotic delicacies, some of the tastiest wines and so much more!

We have prepared a section that gives you a little taste of Santorini and by the time you read it you will want to make this Volcanic paradise your priority destination or your home (most people never want to leave).

Get excited you are going to Santorini and the experience starts below!


The biggest settlement in Santorini and the capital of our island!

Fira is located on the western edge of the island, across from the volcano. 

Fira is the marvelous combination of natural beauty, amazing hotels, exotic lifestyle, shopping wonders and wild party life, where you can truly feel the livelihood of Santorini!

The city is built on the edge of the caldera and has a breathtaking view of the sea and the volcano.

There are many places where you can taste local delicacies, have a drink overlooking the Aegean sea, or dance and have fun in one of the many nightclubs that fira has to offer!

One useful tip we can give you is to not be afraid to get lost in fira, as it is a good way to really explore the meaning of the cycladic civilization.

There are also museums like the archeological museum of Thera and the museum of prehistoric Thera that can give you a great idea of how Santorini civilization was one thousand years ago! 

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Located at the western central part of Santorini, Imerovigli is the highest point of the Santorini caldera and is considered to be one of the best places to enjoy the sunset.

The picturesque narrow streets and beautiful cycladic homes built on the very edge of caldera make Imerovigli a perfect place for hiking.

It is worth noting that Imerovigli is so famous that it is actually mentioned in Greek songs and most of the professional photographers of Santorini will be found there, since the romantic atmosphere and magical landscape makes it one of the most ideal locations to take the most memorable photographs!

One of the most breathtaking hotspots of Imerovigli are the unique rock formations of Skaros, where you can find the remnants of a unique 13th century castle that collapsed during the 18th century from a catastrophic earthquake! Other places you could visit are the popular blue dome churches like Saint Ioannis Chapel, Theoskepasti chapel and  Anastaseos Church.

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The Red beach

A uniquely shaped beach created by volcanic magma!

Located in the south part of the island near the famous Akrotiri excavations site, this beautiful beach has been visited by many tourists over the years. It is a coast surrounded by huge volcanic rocks and consists mainly of black and red pebbles and sand of various colors (white, black, red) composing a unique wild environment that captivates you the moment you set foot on that beach!

The red beach is only a short hike away from the beautiful little church of Saint Nikolaos. Just follow the small footpath ahead and bear witness to the majestic scenery of the red beach! It is important to know that it is only a semi-organised beach that has a few umbrellas and sunbeds, but not beach bars. So it’s best if you carry the necessary equipment with you (towels, sandals, sun cream e.t.c). Be aware that during summer months, this place can reach high temperatures as the enormous volcanic rocks protect the beach from the strong winds.

There are also two canteens near the church of Saint Nikolaos in case you want to supply yourself with some water or a few refreshments. 

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Perissa & Perivolos (The Black beach)

A shocking fact about the Black beach is that it is actually Black!

If we were to travel back in time to 1600 BC, when the volcano erupted, we would witness a catastrophic series of events that ended with the island (then known as Strogili) being covered in pumice, ash and volcanic lava.

This mixture led to the formation of black sandy beaches all around the island that can’t be found anywhere else in Europe.

Today the most famous places to enjoy the black sand beaches are Perissa, Perivolos and Kamari, since the impressive landscape combined with the crystal waters of the Aegean sea have made these destinations over the years a tourist favorite for swimming, having lunch and dancing in one of the many beach bars that the Black Beach has to offer! 

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Vlychada Beach

One of the hidden gems of Santorini that unfortunately a lot of visitors are not aware of, Vlychada beach is located on the southern coast of Santorini, 13 kilometers away from Fira.

Vlychada stands out from the rest of the beaches because of the overwhelming carved cliffs that resemble the work of an artist.

They were actually created by a natural process by the volcano over hundreds of years that looks like lava frozen in place! It is a well organized beach that provides the perfect escape from  the noise of Santorini during the high tourist season.

If you are looking for a place to relax and take some really nice photos on a beautiful beach, Vlychada is the perfect place for you!

It is worth noting that Vlychada is where you take the Catamaran Tours and is easily accessible by booking a Transfer,

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Located in the north-west part of Santorini, The town of Oia ( pronounced eeyah in Greek, the only village in the world to be named by a donkey!) has been a tourist favorite for many years.

Get lost in a city straight out of a fairytale that is situated above an impressive cliff overlooking the volcano and Thirassia Island and is considered to be the most romantic location and the perfect place to watch the sunset.

Oia is the town you read about in a travel magazine and see in one of the many travel documentaries for many good reasons.

The natural beauty, the unique cycladic architecture, the breathtaking view and the livelihood of the town have made Oia a marvel of a city that continues to offer Santorini visitors a great idea of what heaven would look like!

Descending the two hundred steps to the old harbor, you are going to explore Amoudi bay, a beautiful fishing village with a famous tavern (Amoudi or Sunset)  that has been offering mouthwatering sea delicacies to visitors for more than 20 years!

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The Wine of Santorini

The famous Santorini Wine has an exceptional and unique taste due to the marriage of the variety Assyrtiko and the volcanic ecosystem of the island.

The volcanic soil of Santorini, due to its composition, has a large water capacity and absorbs night moisture by feeding the fruits, therefore greatly enhancing the sweet flavor of the grapes.

As a result of years of practicing wine making and manufacturing, the locals managed to produce a wine type that has become a favorite to wine lovers all across the world.

Vinsanto, a sweet wine served as a liqueur, has been a local favorite since the 19th century and is now a delicious wine offering a burst of flavors to anyone that drinks it. You can now arrange a wine tasting at one of the many wineries the island has to offer (Santo Wines, Koutsogiannopoulos, Sigalas, Venetsanos e.t.c) and try the delicious nectar of the Greek gods yourself!. 

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The Prehistoric city of Akrotiri

Take a time machine back to Santorini's ancient civilization! The Akrotiri excavation site became known worldwide After the famous Greek archeologist Spyros Marinatos Discovered a whole city underground in 1967 that was shockingly well preserved!

After some research, archeologists found out that the city dates back to 4500 BC during the Neolithic age when the first human civilizations were starting to form!!!

After the catastrophic eruption of the volcano that ended the Strogili Civilization and gave the island its iconic moon shape that took place during the year 1613 BC, hot magma and volcanic ash covered the city and somehow managed to keep a lot of buildings intact!

Now the excavated ruins are being protected by a dome that operates like a museum and is now open to visitors from all around the world!

By walking around the city, you are going to see Santorini for what it was in ancient times, a fishing  farming village island that had an important impact in the trading of the Mediterranean sea. The prosperity of the island is evident in the multiple artworks and prehistoric paintings that defined this ancient culture!

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The Volcano of Nea Kameni

An actual active volcano that is fairly considered to be one of the top main attractions anyone can see in Santorini.

This volcano is the reason Santorini is now divided into 5 small islands (Thera, Nea Kameni, palia Kameni, Thirasia and Aspronisi), the reason why the wine produced comes out so good and the reason the famous caldera exists and provides an astonishing view for the Santorini sunset.

You can easily visit the volcano by booking a Traditional Volcano Tour accompanied by a professional tour guide.

The guide is going to navigate you through the scorched earth of Nea Kameni and over the dangerous craters, all the way to the top, while also explaining to you how the devastating eruptions that it caused, formed the island we know and love today!

The Hot Springs

The sulfur rich thermal waters that are being heated from the underground volcano of Palea Kameni have been a very popular “hot spot” for many years since the island became a tourist destination.

The wild volcanic scenery and the colorful rocks make steaming in the volcano a truly unique experience! The mud at the bottom of the springs is also known for its therapeutic effects, allowing you to enjoy a mud bath while gazing at the amazing view of the caldera!

You can visit the Hot springs by booking a Traditional Volcano Tour or by booking a Luxury Sailing tour!

The Monastery of Prophet Ilias

The most important and stunningly beautiful monastery in all of the Greek islands! Prophet Elias ( called Profitis Ilias in Greek) is only a 25 minute drive from Fira town and is built in a height aproximently 600 meters from sea level, making it the highest point of the island and therefore a location with a breathtaking view.

The fortress was built during 1711 and had a significant impact in the education of the people in Santorini and served as an important trading post for the Mediterranean sea at that time.

Today, the fortress serves as a monastery where monks live, pray and make wine and visitors from all around the world go visit its museum and enjoy the fantastic view from the top, where the whole island is visible!

It’s important to know that the only way to visit Prophet Elias is by booking a bus tour, or by renting a car, a scooter or a motor bike. 

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