How a pre-booked transfer saves you time, money and a lot of trouble!

Santorini is a world renowned destination, which means that the demand for transportation is getting higher every year. However, with only 39 taxis, 5.000 hotels (plus airBNB’s) and 2 MILLION visitors every year, finding transportation private or shared to the door of your hotel can be very challenging!

For that reason, we have created a network of partners and shuttle buses that allow you to pre-arrange your transportation at a fraction of the price you would get if you made the arrangements at the last minute! No longer will you have to wait in the sun for hours waiting for a taxi to show up and never again will you have to  worry about making it to your flight or ferry boat on time just because your driver decided to show up 30 minutes later!

Pro tip: You should at least prearrange a pickup transfer for when you arrive to Santorini (saves you time and money)

Most frequent questions about Santorini transfers